New e-book reader

kindle voyage

This is my … fourth? e-book reader. All the previous ones (there was a beautiful Sony, a nice Nook, and another Kindle) have died premature deaths, well with the exception of the Nook, which still lives, but it is not an e-ink screen so it always felt more like a tablet. This new little fellow is the Kindle Voyage. Early birthday present. It’s an amazing device that makes me never want to stop reading (as if any of us ever want to stop reading anyway! Ridiculous!).

Of course, it turned out that all the covers I had from the long dead predecessors were of different sizes and not really suitable for the new kid on the block. Besides, none of them were wristlet-friendly. My thing is now that I want to take the little one outside with me every time I go out with the baby, and I need to always be ready to throw the reader in its case and have my hands free to grab the child and save him from at least one third of the injuries happening to him throughout the usual day.

Right. So I made this cover for it from a piece of leather I had. It works out pretty well. A bit too tight though, so it takes me several seconds to put the Kindle in, which kind of defeats the purpose of allowing me to jump to the child’s rescue without delay every five minutes. But I’m hoping it will stretch a bit with use and turn out to be perfect. We’ll wait and see. I bet though that the cover will again outlive the device and join its sisters in the box of beautiful unused covers. I’ll have to find uses for all of those. I actually know I will.

Until then, good reading times are waiting!