Summer uniform

Summer is slowly chilling away and my mind is starting to linger on the wool sweaters and scarves forgotten at the back of my closet. At the end of such a beautiful, perfect summer when nonetheless I am grateful for the change that is coming, I feel so blessed to be living in a place that has all the seasons. Just like Blaga would say, I love them all, winter and spring, summer and fall.

I’m also happy to be returning to old wardrobe friends that have been missed throughout the season and also a little sad for having to  put away some of the summer favorites. Most of my wardrobe lives with me throughout the year. There are however, wool sweaters that sit packed tightly during the heat, and jeans that want to make summer appearances but are most often denied the chance. And there are of course,  breezy linen dresses, handkerchief cotton skirts and light button-up shirts that will not see their reflection in the mirror during winter.


I have written about uniform dressing before. It works for me. This summer I have been wearing long dresses paired often with shirts worn as jackets, and maxi skirts with light tops, most in cotton and linen, but some also in silk, because I have developed a slight silk obsession that embarrasses me a little. Soon, all these beauties will have to be stashed away until next June or, if we’re lucky, maybe May.


The outfits pictured in this post are my favorites.

summer-uniform-13summer-uniform-15This is the uniform that fits best, I feel, my life (an exciting whirlwind of writing from the couch, doing household chores, and organizing children’s activities) and my style (let’s call it creative yet simple, boho-ish yet streamlined, something yet a completely different other thing).

summer-uniform-14(As you might have noticed, I am quite partial to the wrinkled look, intentional or not.)

I think there might be maybe two more outfits that I didn’t picture although they got a lot of wear. Otherwise, although I do own too many clothes, nothing much appeals when I get dressed in the morning. Nothing else feels just as comfortable, cool and not fussy. So I probably need to start a new donation box. Maybe once I see what fits into my fall uniform and what doesn’t.

I have different uniforms for different seasons because I do need some variety. My style changes in the colder months when I wear more pants, and fewer maxi dresses or skirts. Once the cold weather comes in full force, I will try to document my fall/winter uniform too. That will surely be more fun (scarves!)


  1. Love your unfussy, feminine yet practical style, Lori. You have a great eye for outfits and accessories. The vintage bag looks wonderful, but look how many things you’ve made yourself! Inspirational. I feel very lazy now. Can’t wait to see your winter wardrobe. It seems strange to think you’re packing away your summer clothes as I’m unpacking mine….

    • Thank you, Rachel. I can make a few summer clothes, but almost none for winter. And not for lack of trying. My knitting is very bad (no patience to follow patterns) and sewing with heavy fabrics is rather difficult. But yes, I do find it weird when you guys get ready for one season and we are entering the opposite one.

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