Mark of the Loon, by Molly Greene

mark-of-the-loonLook at this beautiful cover. Isn’t it great? Old photographs, ancient keys, I had to read this story. I must confess that the cover was one of the first things that attracted me.

What was most enjoyable for me in reading this book was the atmosphere of that little mysterious cottage that the main character falls in love with and succeeds in buying in spite of very strong opposition from another buyer who goes to great extents to ensure that the property does not end up in anybody else’s hands.

The beautiful relationships that the main character has with her three women friends were another element that I found delightful to read, especially when one of them temporarily moved into the newly acquired cottage with the main character, participating actively in the unveiling of the mystery surrounding the former owners of the house. It’s rare to witness great and true female friendships. We are often encouraged to believe that women cannot create strong friendships because they are so competitive, but the fallacy of that concept is beautifully reflected in this story. I enjoyed that.

So, I have to say, I have found such gems on the indie book market that I am enormously impressed. I didn’t expect this. I am starting to find my love for fiction again.

See the author’s website.


  1. Lori, I was so delighted to read your lovely review of my debut novel. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. So grateful to be included on your list of indie gems!

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