The low

christmas-ornamentStill school vacation, still feeling like the holidays. The tree is still lit and all glitter and shine, so the post-Christmas low hasn’t exactly set in, but it does feels near. Without resolutions for the new year, the new beginning feels suffocating and actually pretty old. So here we go, starting it all over again. Another year and not much has changed.

This year, this 2013, passed by without seeing a new book from me, of which I had such high hopes and large plans last January. But innumerable sleepless nights and general fuzziness of the brain they produced left me with not much to show for this past year. Only in the professional sense, because quite remarkable has been the course of events of personal nature (the baby is almost sitting all by himself now and going after solid food like a little maniac).

I sit here in the 5 p.m. darkness of my living room, waiting for the baby to wake up from his shallow nap, and I feel so tired and frightfully unsure of what plans I can make for the year that’s coming. Very few resolutions make it past the first few months of the year and yet statistically there is more chance of achieving your goals if you make resolutions, so I am going to try it again. New book release date: sometime in 2014.

Goals do make the whole new year concept more bearable. They make it feel like this time it will be different, possibly better, hopefully not worse. When these Christmas lights go off, I’ll have a definitive plan and the darkness won’t be too crushing. Here’s to positive thinking!


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