The turning of old into new

IMG_6310Focus. It’s my hope for the new year. It’s an old wish. A long-chased chimera. However, it’s a new year so here is the renewed hope that I’ll suddenly gain unmatched focus and become more productive as a result.

I probably need to learn focus first. Relearn it, better said, because it used to be one of my strengths long, long time ago. I seem to have forgotten it for lack of practice. If only life weren’t this complicated. If only we could just grow, never stagnate, never regress. If only.

I’m hoping this year will be a step ahead. As small as it might be. A small, but jaunty step, I hope. A focused, small but jaunty step ahead.


  1. Great New Year’s resolution. I haven’t set myself a goal for this year – every other year I had the same one: get novel published. I’m not sure that’s even possible for me to control. But focus is a good one. That is doable.

    Beautifully written post, by the way.

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