Thoughts of spring gardening

springflowerSpring seems to have arrived in our area, and with it my thoughts of spring gardening. Delusional as I might be, both about spring and the garden, because most days it’s still dark and cloudy, and I still pull the wool socks on almost every night. Also because I just went out to clean up the yard for five minutes hour last week I came back with (poison ivy?) itchy blisters on my right hand to remember those glorious minutes for weeks to come.

But anyway, I still like to think about the garden. No posion ivy inside my head (and that’s where all the gardening will probably remain too).

All right. Moving on. Calendula. I wanted to tell you that I was thinking of planting calendula flowers. I was thinking of a whole bit patch of calendula garden, so that I can make my own ointments and salves with the flowers. Doesn’t that sound good?

We use calendula creams for everything at my house, because my favorite natural cream has been calendula ointment I usually get from Romania. I have been using it for years on my face, and later on the kids’ diaper rashes and on all their scrapes, and my husband uses it for the eczema on his hands. So, between all of us, we finish Romanian supplies way too fast. I’ve found some good options from around here, but they are expensive, and I keep seeing articles online about how easy it is to make your own from dry flowers, olive oil, and beeswax. I want to try that.

I already ordered some seeds and decided on a sunny spot in the garden. I’ll keep you updated with what’s happening or not happening with my calendula-salve garden. Like it or not.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of spring gardening

  1. rachel

    A calendula garden sounds lovely. I hope it grows beautifully for you. I can’t grow anything but weeds in my garden. So much rain and more slugs than I care to think about. I have three grow bags just daring me to plant something, though, so who knows…

    • Lori

      Yes. I hope it grows. We don’t have slugs, but enjoy the company of a family of groundhogs that eats all tender plants, so gardening is very tough with them around. Grow bags are a good idea!

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