Author ad creation and other things keeping me busy

Lori Tiron-Pandit books adThings have been keeping me busy these past two weeks and as much as I don’t like it when the blog goes down to the bottom of the to-do list, it happened again. Last week I had a final project to submit for the Information Design course I have been taking. The final project was a “me” advertising piece. I came up with this little author ad that you see illustrating today’s post. I need to find a way to acquire the rights for this flower background image that I used (it’s only available for personal, non-commercial use) if I really want to use this ad, which I would very much like to do.

This week my husband and I had the interview required in the process of naturalization. We passed, and after the oath ceremony in June or maybe July, we’ll be American citizens. I’ll be able to vote in the 2016 presidential elections! Yes, I know!

This process also offered me the opportunity to change my legal last name to the hyphenated form I have been using as a pen name anyway. I’m over the moon about that too.

I have been sewing to relax in between studying for the interview and working on the author ad project. Next week I’ll show you the results of that endeavour.

Hope you’re keeping productively and happily busy and find moments to relax and enjoy your days in between.